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Advanced Research computing


Request Access to the HPC Cluster 

To request access to the HPC Cluster (ARCC2), the PI/Lab Leader/Faculty Advisor should follow the Steps outlined below.

Note:  A valid UC Budget String/account number is required which will be used for monthly billing of consumed resources (CPU/GPU hours and storage).  Before starting the process, the PI should talk to their businessperson to have the default payment account string information available: The typical format for a grant:  G100122-6262412003-1-10143XX 

Step 1:  Request a PPMS user account (if not already in the system) and create a New Group for their lab if one does not exist (i.e. Greis Lab)  New Group (Lab/PI) set up instructions.

Step 2:  For each funding source or budget string, Request a Project

$$$ Internal Funding Available to Pay for HPC hours $$$
Office of Research Digital Futures:  Space Research Institute for Discovery and Exploration (SRIDE) Core Facilities Support Program
Applicants may request SRIDE funding support for projects that require Advanced Research Computing (ARC) Core Facility HPC Resources (CPU, GPU hours and/or Storage)
Contact: Jane Combs, 513-556-0874, 

Due Date: 1/1/2030 (applications are accepted on a rolling basis) 

Highlighted research

Instantaneous fuel concentration contours and spray field for liquid kerosene injected in air crossflow with a v-gutter flame holder; slices are x = 0.2, 0.248, 0.275, 0.3, 0.35, 0.4, 0.45m from the inlet. (M. Kamin & P. Khare, (2019) Liquid Jet in Crossflow: Effect of Momentum Flux Ratio on Spray and Vaporization Characteristics, Proceedings of the ASME Turbo Expo 2019, GT2019-91972).
Centroidal Voronoi Diagram using optimized generation parameters (McConaha and Anand, (2020) ) “Design of Stochastic Lattice Structures for Additive Manufacturing.”).