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The Advanced Research Computing (ARC) center offers a high-performance computing (HPC) infrastructure that supports and accelerates computational and data-enabled research, scholarship, and education at the University of Cincinnati

Steps to Request ARC Services

Create a Stratocore user account (first time users)
Request ARC Services – Submit Project Request

  1. You will need to enter a valid account number which will be invoiced monthly.  Your financial admin can help you.
  2. Be prepared to provide an estimated number of total hours needed (CPU and/or GPU).

Highlighted research

Instantaneous fuel concentration contours and spray field for liquid kerosene injected in air crossflow with a v-gutter flame holder; slices are x = 0.2, 0.248, 0.275, 0.3, 0.35, 0.4, 0.45m from the inlet. (M. Kamin & P. Khare, (2019) Liquid Jet in Crossflow: Effect of Momentum Flux Ratio on Spray and Vaporization Characteristics, Proceedings of the ASME Turbo Expo 2019, GT2019-91972).
Centroidal Voronoi Diagram using optimized generation parameters (McConaha and Anand, (2020) ) “Design of Stochastic Lattice Structures for Additive Manufacturing.”).


ARC Open Position!  Research Computing Facilitator (Hybrid) APPLY NOW!!


Office of Research Digital Futures/Space Research Institute for Discovery and Exploration Core Facilities Support Program

As part of UC’s Research2030 investments in infrastructure and growing our research impact, we seek to support and enhance our research community whose activities are aligned with the focus of UC’s Space Research Institute for Discovery and Exploration (SRIDE). UC has unique research facilities and research technology teams located in the new Digital Futures Interdisciplinary Research Building. The goal of this new funding support mechanism is to enable investigators whose research interests are aligned with SRIDE to use these Office of Research – Research Technologies Core facilities to obtain critical data for submission of a competitive extramural proposal, patent application, commercialization agreement, or peer-reviewed manuscript. Applicants may request SRIDE support for projects that require one or more of these Research Technologies Core Facilities.
Participating Research Technologies Core Facilities include: 
The UC Advanced Research Computing Center
Purpose: To assist the researcher performing artificial intelligence, machine learning, data analytics/science and modeling and simulation research and research data management including storage, transfer, collaboration and sharing of data. 
Contact: Jane Combs, 513-556-0874, 

Due Date: 1/1/2030 (applications are accepted on a rolling basis) 

ARC Monthly Maintenance: 2nd Tuesday each month

XSEDE to ACCESS: Making a Successful Transition
XSEDE will transition to ACCESS on September 1, 2022

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